On-site weather forecasting and early warning services for your event!

The ILCHASE team is devoted to making storm chasing and storm spotting as safe and successful as possible. We have decided to provide our vast experience with severe weather and emergency management to major events across the USA.

We have built a mobile command vehicle that is equipped with all the technology for our team to have a mobile forecasting office on-site for your event. The truck is based just outside of Chicago and can be deployed anywhere within minutes.

The ILCHASE@events team consists of  Meteorologists, Electrical Engineers, Programmers, Technicians, and Emergency Management Professionals. We can tailor our response for your event in any way you choose, from a dedicated off-site consulting meteorologist to a complete team of severe storms professionals on site 24/7 for the duration of the event.

Why your event needs us

Let’s face it: weather will happen without control.  With the ILCHASE@events team on your side there will be no surprises.  Our team will ensure that any severe weather threats are monitored and reported.  We are dedicated to safety for spectators, participants, and event staff.  Your team and customers can count on ILCHASE@events!

The ILCHASE@events team can tailor our response to any level you require, including but not limited to:

  • Full on-site deployment including ILCHASE Staff Meteorologist and our spotters in the field.
  • Partial on-site deployment with ILCHASE support staff in direct communication with ILCHASE Staff Meteorologist.
  • Off-site consultation services. Your staff in direct phone contact with the ILCHASE team.

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Thank you for considering ILCHASE@events to protect your next function!