Keenan Campbell


Keenan Campbell, a native of North Central Illinois has always had a passion for severe weather and technology.   Keenan is an Electrical Engineer by trade.  In 2000 Keenan was one the founding members of the Illinois Chasers of Adverse and Severe Weather, ILCHASE for short.  ILCHASE was formed by weather enthusiasts with the common goal to make storm chasing and storm spotting as safe as possible.

Keenan believes that Storm Spotters and Chasers provide a valuable contribution to the National Weather Service and general public utilizing Ground-Truthing.  A term coined by the ILCHASE team.  In short Ground-Truthing fills the gap between the NWS Meteorologists and the limitations of the weather radar systems.  Many times the National Weather Service needs assistance to verify or Ground Truth what they are seeing on radar.

Keenan is currently a POC Firefighter/ EMT for the LaSalle Fire Dept. Holding the following state certifications: Firefighter II, EMT, Haz Mat Awareness, Haz Mat Operations, Technical Rescue, Fire Service Vehicle Operations,  Nims 100, 200, 700, 800.  Keenan is also a State of Illinois certified Fire Service Instructor I. Keenan is a Haz Mat Instructor certified by the Illinois Emergency Management Agency. Keenan is certified by Department of Homeland Security as a Communications Unit Leader(ComL).  Keenan currently holds the position of Races Officer for Putnam County Emergency Management Agency and the appointed Emergency Coordinator(EC) for LaSalle County ARES.

Keenan is an active member of the Starved Rock Amateur Radio Club, and holds a Technician level license with the call sign: KB9ZDK.

Public Education is also a major component within the ILCHASE organization.    Keenan conducts talks on chasing/spotting safety along with organizing spotter training with the National Weather Service.   Keenan’s video and pictures have been included in NWS spotter training classes.  Keenan has also provided video and on camera interviews to most major television networks.

Keenan does not condone radical chasing tactics and strongly believes that hobby chasers need proper training and tools to effectively participate in this hazardous and potentially deadly activity.

Each spring Keenan and the entire ILCHASE team host a chase trip for chasers both new and experienced to have the opportunity for hands on chasing across the plains for several weeks.

You may contact Keenan via email or Follow him on twitter